WSJ Cites Houwzer As Much Needed Housing Industry Disruptor

Houwzer is excited to announce that in The Wall Street Journal‘s piece “How Should Real-Estate Agents be Paid?“,  Houwzer was cited as an industry disruptor to the traditional brokerage commission model.

Three housing experts discussed important changes that should be made to the traditional commission compensation structure, and the ways in which the real estate industry is disincentivized from saving consumers money.

One professor calls out Houwzer as a next-generation solution thanks to its $5,000 flat fee for full-service listings, which could save home sellers $20,000 if they list an $800,000 home.

The experts agree that exorbitant listing commissions in the U.S. are making it more expensive to sell a home than it needs to be, and that consumers would ultimately benefit from wider adoption of flat fee listing brokerages like Houwzer.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most recognized newspaper brands in the world with over 3 million print and digital subscribers.

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